Do Not Toss That Hard Drive!
RecoverySoft / October 18, 2018

Christmas has come and gone, and many of you may have gotten a shiny new computer from Santa Claus this year. But before selling or giving away your old computer, you must prepare the hard drive for disposal. That means properly erasing all your files, to ensure that no confidential or sensitive information remains that is easily accessible. Data is almost always at least partially recoverable. Recently an author bought a hard drive on eBay that had been used by a clinic. It had more than 30,000 credit card numbers on it. Drives purchased this way usually contain confidential data. Deleting your files or even reformatting the hard disk is not sufficient. Why? Your hard disk has an index like the table of contents of a book. Say you do not want Chapter 6 anymore, and you delete it. Your PC just marks Chapt. 6 in the Table of Contents as empty. In other words, the area on the disk occupied by Chapt. 6 is now marked as available for other files. But note that nothing else has happened. The actual data forming Chapt. 6 is still there, happy as a clam, in the same place on the disk. Much…

How to Fix the Red Screen of Death
RecoverySoft / October 16, 2018

The “Red Screen Of Death” is an error that mainly appears in Windows XP & Vista. It was phased out in Windows 7 but is still a big problem for many people around the world. This tutorial is going to show you how to fix this problem for good. The red screen error is what’s known as a ‘fatal’ error that is developed by Windows when something seriously bad happens. Like its counterpart – the “blue screen of death” – the red error makes Windows restart instantaneously and can make you lose your programs and other data. The error is typically reserved for “boot loader” issues inside Windows Vista. The first thing you need to do to fix this error is to see if you can boot up Windows. If you cannot boot up Windows, then the likelihood is that the “boot loader” is broken and you should fix it by reinstalling your system. This can be done (in simple terms) by putting the installation disk into the CD drive and then booting from it. You should perform a fresh install which should replace all the damaged files that could be causing this issue. If you find that you’re able…

How To Keep Your Computer Clean With CCleaner
RecoverySoft / October 15, 2018

How can I keep my computer clean and tidy? When we are asked by friends and family how can they keep their computer clean, the one tool we always recommend is CCleaner. CCleaner differs from antivirus tools as it designed to keep your computer tidy – think Jacques from Finding Nemo! CCleaner will search through your computer and clear out all of the files that have been created when you surf the internet or install software. The majority of these files are benign and pose no threat to you, but they do take up space on your computer so let CCleaner remove them for you. CCleaner will not delete documents and photos from your desktop of the common document folders. CCleaner will work on Windows; IOS (Apple) and Android mobiles. Tell me more about CCleaner and what it can do for me! When you open CCleaner, you will immediately see an ‘Analyse’ button which when pressed, CCleaner will calculate how much space can be recovered from deleting temporary system files. Once you are happy, press the ‘Run Cleaner’ button and all will be removed from your system. NOTE – if you have an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or…

Tummy Tuck Surgery – Types, Cost, Recovery and Risks
RecoverySoft / October 15, 2018

Tummy tuck – medically known as abdominoplasty – is the surgical procedure that involves removal of excess sagging skin, eradication of fat deposits and tightening of abdominal muscles. It is a proven surgical procedure that can be customized according to individual needs of patients. There are several types of tummy tuck surgery and each is designed to target the specific issues of patients. Here we will discuss some important factors associated with surgery including its types, recovery, risks and cost. Types of tummy tuck surgery There are several types of tummy tuck surgery and plastic surgeon helps the patient choose the best possible one depending on his or her requirements and goals. These types are discussed below. Traditional tummy tuck It is the most commonly performed type of abdominoplasty. It involves longer incision and requires more time for recovery. Two incisions are made for performing this surgery – first incision is a long horizontal incision made hip to hip while the other one is made in the navel area. It addresses the entire abdomen of the patient and also involves the creation of a new belly button. It involves removal of excess sagging skin, fat and tightening of abdominal muscles….

Discover The Smartest Approach to Keep Your Business File In Your PC
RecoverySoft / October 15, 2018

Whether you are doing your own business, working for another person, using your computer for personal purpose or whatever it is you are doing with your computer, the smartest approach to keeping your files in your PC is to always have a data protection system. In order not to have data loss of any kind, you should do the following: 1. Always Have A Back Up Of Your File No matter what you are doing, always have a back up of your files you are working on and the files you have worked up in the past. There are different ways you can back up your files absolutely. One of it is to have a back up in offline mode into a storage device like CD or any storage device you can easily access your file from. Also, you can back up your files online. There are many online back up services you can use to keep your files in case of any emergency. 2. Always Put Off All Of Your Electronic Device When You Will Be Away For A Long Time From Your House Ensure you do not leave your electronic device switch on whenever you are going on…

Download Free PSP Games On The Memory Stick
RecoverySoft / October 14, 2018

So, you want to download some PSP games on the memory stick? I’ll tell you how to do just that. This is what you do. First of all, you can’t download directly to the PSP memory stick. You have to download to your computer, and then transfer it to the PSP memory stick. And before you can play downloaded games you have to modify your PSP from the official version to a custom version. That’s a more involved process. but you can find out how to do that through the link at the bottom. So, in order to download games and save them to your Memory Stick, do the following: 1. Get a good memory stick. I recommend that you get a Memory Stick Duo in at least a 1 GB size, though a 2 GB is even better. 2. Find and download the PSP games you want. If you don’t know where to find the games try a download service. A good one will let you have unlimited downloads for a small one-time fee. You can see the link below for more information. 3. Unzip the game files and save them somewhere that you can find them easily, like…

How To Permanently Delete Files?
RecoverySoft / October 14, 2018

To permanently delete a file it is not enough to press delete or to empty the recycle bin. Operating systems like Windows or Mac OS delete the file by marking it invisible and by leaving the disk space it was using. In fact, it is impossible to delete the file, you can only overwrite it with some other data. This basic principle of computer file system is used to undelete files. If we have, for example, accidently deleted some file, we can recover it by using some undelete tool. If the data was not overwritten we can get the original file back as it was prior to deletion. For many computer users this behavior of files is not problematic. We do not care what happens with the files after they are deleted. But there are cases when we care or at least we should care. When we would like to dump the old computer or donate it to someone we do not want to leave all the files on the disk. Deleting them or even formatting the disk does not solve the problem. With simple recovery tools it is possible to recover formatted partitions and deleted files. This is a…

Disaster Recovery
RecoverySoft / September 30, 2018

Risk is an associated factor with any type of business. The analysis of risk and the impact of business analysis are likely to face identifiable risks in the primary operational functions. Further more, the prospective influence, the risks as well as the costs essential in preventing the damages, and the time required to recover any disaster is always established. The selection and evaluation of using a typical strategy is based and the way it is employed. Selection of any strategy involves focusing on the principal risk areas and on selecting the appropriate strategy to use. The main aim during the period of disaster is to maintain the continuity of business and focus towards quick recovery of key business functions and alleviation of damages. Significance Organizations and companies correlate permanence and disaster recovery solely with IT and the way they do the work. In this confusion they commonly miss other essential areas that could exhibit serious impact on their business. Some of the common areas that are essential to be focused for strategy selection and development would be regarding facilities, employees, billing, power, customer service and customer relationship. All these areas should also be covered based on cost, profitability and recovery…

Refrigerator Repair: How to Identify Common Causes of Refrigerator Noise
RecoverySoft / September 7, 2018

Is your refrigerator keeping you up at night with its various moans and groans? When you need immediate relief from your noisy refrigerator, there are a few steps you can take. Follow these helpful tips from your local appliance repair shop: Locate the source of the noise – Is the noise coming from the inside of the freezer, or the outside back of the refrigerator? Determining what area the noise is coming from will help you narrow down the possible components that might be causing the sound. Troubleshoot – There are only a handful of parts in a refrigerator that typically cause noise. Once you have narrowed down the general location of the sound, you can begin troubleshooting various components to try to resolve the issue. While some issues can easily be fixed with minimal effort, others will require that you call in a professional who is trained in refrigeration repair. Noise Inside the Freezer Noise originating inside the freezer can typically be attributed to the evaporator fan, which runs whenever the unit is actively cooling. If you notice a chirping, squealing, or groaning sound that comes and goes (rather than being steady), it may be an issue with the…

Data Recovery – The Ultimate Solution to Your Hard Drive
RecoverySoft / August 16, 2018

Data loss due to computer crashes or virus attacks are common problems, occurring at random points in life, but still we take it as an unpleaser surprise and all because we are ignorant to the fact that data loss happens. You now need Data Recovery. Data recovery is a complicated process of salvaging data from a malfunctioning secondary storage device due to the occurrence of any physical or logical damage in the storage media. The process involves a scientific approach to recover all the data and information that was lost from such a computer crash, virus attack or hard disk malfunction. Today, it has become an important part of every operating system that depends upon the storage media and has become a basic requirement for huge business enterprises, entity and every such individual who is connected with the IT world. Although, data recovery severities vary depending on your type of storage device but the key goal is to recover every single byte of information and shield you and your business from every possible loss. Thus, data recovery has given a whole new perception to the theme of data transfer via: USB pen drives, USB memory sticks, USB thumb drives, multimedia…