Is Data Recovery Important?
RecoverySoft / November 2, 2018

Ask the big IT giants a common question – “In this world of free-flowing data and information, what is THE most singular and important thing that matters the most?” and they will give you a faint smile and tell you that the answer lies in the question itself. If you were not able to guess, it’s DATA. Every bit of it you send over the Net matters equally and secured over their servers for “future reference”. So imagine the power of data. If data of totally unknown people is so imperative for them, what value can you put on your own data? Priceless probably right! Depending on how sensitive the content of your data is of course. Reasons for data loss There are n number of reasons that can lead to your data on the verge of being lost forever because let’s face it all of it is mechanical and electronic. They also have a life, limited durability and are of course susceptible to wear and tear. The most common reasons for data loss are crashing of your hard disk, error in the partitioning, hacking etc. Other reasons include theft of your device, a malware attack, a corrupted OS etc….

Backup Software That Protects Your Data
RecoverySoft / June 16, 2018

Protect your data with backup software Hard drives are marked as reliable, but the reality tells a different story. It's only a matter of time until a hard drive crashes and you lose all your important data if you're not prepared. And even if your hard drive does not fail due to physical errors, virus attacks, software or user errors, even theft threats intervale increasing exponentially the probability of losing your data. So why do you need a backup software? In almost every industry it is well known that the cost of prevention is less than the cost of repairing / fixing what went wrong. Even so billions of dollars are lost every year because of data loss. This is why you need backup software, and you need to have your data protected. This way if the inevitable hits, you can easily restore data from your most recent backup. There are many backup programs out there, so choosing one might be a difficult task. In any case, when you choose a backup application you have to be sure that it will make backing up as easy as possible, so that it will not be a time consuming process on your…

Booting Your Arnova 10 G2 Into Recovery Mode
RecoverySoft / May 1, 2018

Are you an owner of an Arnova 10 G2? If so, then you know that these 10 inch tablets are perfect for surfing the web but, with their stock Android OS they don’t have too much more to offer. Thankfully, some very talented people found ways to root the 10 G2 allowing us to make administrative modifications or permitting the replacement of the stock Android operating system. There are even methods to installing Google Play, previously known as Google Market, and this alone has made the 10 G2 worth owning. Adding Google Play has leveled the practicality playing field for this device. Although, it can’t quite compete with quad-core power monster tablets with their high definition screens, it’s still a great tablet for $130, if you are willing to root it. Rooting has become an almost effortless task for most devices with the advent of 1 click style rooting software. For the users out there that stumble upon this article and don’t know what “rooting an Android device” means; let me tell you. Rooting is a process that gives you, the user, administrative privileges on an Android operating system powered device. This allows you to circumvent restricted features, in the…

Windows XP Recovery Malware – How To Remove This Malicious Software From Your PC
RecoverySoft / March 29, 2018

If you have Windows XP recovery on your computer it can be very difficult to remove. It alters your desktop, stops task manager from running so you can not stop it and will then load other malware and even Trojans onto your computer. The first time became aware of this malware at all is when they see a pop up message about hard drive failure. This usually appears to come from Windows and appears to be a genuine message. All it will say is your hard drive is failing or has failed and you need to restart your computer to scan it. A good indication that this error message is not what it looks is to immediately try to run task manager. If you get an error saying task manager can not run or that the system administrator has disabled it you can be sure this error is not real and once you restart your computer this malware will start to cause real problems. How can you remove the Windows XP recovery malware quickly? If you are lucky enough to see this error and know what it is you can do the following. # 1 Restart your computer in safe…

Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive
RecoverySoft / March 22, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, to recover data from damaged hard drive is not impossible, nor s it completely hopeless-not in most cases any way. In most cases, there is something that can be done when it comes to data recovery. You do not have to say goodbye to all your favorite files and data just yet. The first thing for you to do is not to panic. This will not help you much and can only serve to hold you back. Keep a clear head so that you can see what is going on and what can be done in order to recover the data from your HDD if it really can not be fixed. Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive: First Diagnostics Although there may be many reasons as to why your HDD (internal or external) may have failed, one of the important things to know in order to recover data from damaged hard drive is why exactly your drive has failed. Here are a few things to look into (remember that the list is not limited to this): A clicking noise – If your hard drive is clicking or making those "clung" sounds that are not all that…