Windows XP Blue Screen Of Death

October 18, 2018

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Symptoms of the Blue Screen of Death are when your screen turns completely blue, and a white error message requests if you have installed any new hardware or software over the last few days. Sometimes, we can just turn off the computer, restart, then the error will go away. This happened to my Laptop. I had bumped it against the table and the blue screen appeared. Restarting the laptop in this case solved the problem.

If the blue screen persists then, its necessary to fix it. The blue screen of death does not go away on its own.

It appears randomly based on the CPU calling functions from the

-Computer Registry


Here are 2 solutions:

Solution # 1 Scan your registry for errors.

A Registry Cleaner scans your computer for errors in your PC's registry. Your computer's registry contains information about your Windows XP operating system, including driver, printer, software information. Over time, your computer's registry may start to contain obsolese data. A corrupt registry will easily slow down the speed of your computer because applications and drivers are loaded even though they're not in use. Fixing your registry of errors will not only prevent the Windows XP Blue Screen Of Death, it'll allow your computer to boot faster, open up multiple folders quicker. A listing of registry cleaners can be found here.

Solution # 2 Process of Elimination

When the CPU calls certain functions from the RAM, or Random Access Memory, and the data rests in a faulty section of the RAM, this will cause the blue screen to appear. I recall a time whenever my computer booted up and started loading the Norton Anti Virus program, the blue screen error message would appear. This happens because the CPU is accessing data from faulty locations within the RAM when loading the anti virus software.

This method involves having 2 sticks of RAM. Remove 1 stick of RAM and wait to see if the blue screen surfaces, do the same for the other.

Through process of elimination, you'll find the cause of the Windows XP blue screen of death error.

Because getting into the hardware can be a little techy for computer hardware "adverse" readers, a simple 2 step plan is to first clear your PC of any registry errors. Then if the blue screen of death goes away, we would have saved ourselves the trouble of having to open up the PC casing and touching the hardware components.


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