Windows 7 Lag – Why Windows 7 Lags and How to Fix it Easily

August 21, 2018

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Are you facing the problem of Windows 7 lagging? Or are you experiencing the fearful situation of the blue screen of death? Both problems are equally annoying for any computer user. A lagging Windows 7 could disturb work output and is most inconvenient if it disturbs our work during our most important assignments. This lagging mostly occurs due to corruption in Windows registry and the presence of any malicious virus in your system. Sometimes, however, old PCs may also experience lagging while running Windows 7 operating system.

One should not be pessimistic about it. Any resolute computer user can reduce computer freezing problem without even calling a computer support geek.

Two reasons may be accounting for causing Windows 7 to lag. And fortunately both of these reasons could have been sorted out reliably easily. You can fix both these issues yourself. Here are these:

One: If you are running many programs simultaneously? If yes, Windows 7 lag is likely to happen.

Many times when we use computers, we use a large number of programs at the same time. Its end result is that computing resources are stretched thin and computer performance goes down. You can solve this problem by adding more Random Access Memory (RAM) to your computer or by using fewer number of programs at one time. In my view, adding RAM is the best cure.

You can easily optimize your computer with a number of tweaks such as automatically optimizing your computer services for best performance, conducting a registry defrag scan and deleting system junk data.

Two: Revised or Corrupt Windows 7 registry:

The biggest reason for Windows 7 lag is congested or corrupt registry. Windows registry is vital for standing important information. Overtime, windows registry becomes trapped or worse gets corrupt. No computer can work efficiently with corrupt registry. Best solution for solving registry specific problems is to use a good registry cleaner. Registry cleaner software will clean and correct registry. It will also solve the Windows 7 lag problem. Another major advantage of using a registry cleaner is that it will increase speed of your PC significantly and save your computer from many potential crashes.

You can find many softwares which are specifically good registry cleaners. However, for best performance of your PC you should choose a software which also contains extra features. Windows 7 lagging will have a complete system optimizer having such as registry cleaner, system cleaner, services optimizer, registry defrag to name a few.

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