What Data Recovery Options Are Available? 3 Ways to Get Your Lost Data Back Easily

October 1, 2018

caldicot recovery

What data recovery options are available if you need to get your files and documents back? It does not matter if you're hard drive has a mechanical malfunction, virus or even if you just accidently deleted some files, they can usually be recovered quite easily.

There are many data recovery options available, but in this article I'll go through the most common ones, because it is likely that you will be using one of those. Usually if you've just accidently deleted something you only need a simple software to do the job for you.

I have a lot of experience in this area so I can talk from personal experience when I say that doing your research upfront is essential, because you do not want to be surprised by a $ 5,000 bill when everything is said and done.

1. Software are often used in some places to recover data from drives that have not been so severely damaged. You can usually buy these software online, but make sure you look for a software that has been proven effective, because there are a lot of programs out there that are a waste of money.

2. Disk Imaging is another method used by data recovery services and companies for more complex restoration of files. It can bypass a lot of trouble factors that otherwise would cause a lot of trouble. The only downside is that companies usually charge a hefty price for this.

3. Mechanical repairs are easily made if something has gone mechanically wrong with your hard drive. This is usually a lot cheaper than if you need imaging or any other specialized data recovery procedure. Repairing mechanical parts is very simple compared to extracting damaged data out of a damaged disk or drive.


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