Towing Services For Underwater Recovery

June 11, 2018


One of the worst things that could possibly happen to your car is for it to end up in a pond or lake. Usually when you think of a car being in the water, you think of movies that you have seen, and you figure the car is unrecoverable at this point. Most people can not imagine how difficult it can be to get a car that is submerged underwater back onto dry land, but there are actually companies that specialize in towing cars out of sticky, or in this case, wet situations.

Obviously if your car finds itself fully underwater, the damage is more than likely going to be irreversible. With that being said, that does not mean the car stays submerged underwater. You have to find a towing company that has the knowledge and machinery to get your car out from underwater. You may be able to salvage parts from the car despite the accident, or maybe personal personalizations are in the car as it sits underwater, and you need to get them out as soon as possible.

Another benefit towing companies with this expertise is for insurance companies to use. Most everyone on the road today has insurance, so that means more than likely, depending on the situation, the insurance company will take care of getting your car out of the situation its in. Another common entity that would have the responsibility of salvaging a car from water is the police or fire department, so for them to have someone to call in these situations would make everything go a lot smoother, and turn a terrible situation into something very manageable.


  • Blake Miller June 11, 2018 at 10:54 pm

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    interesting video. thanks for sharing

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    Nice job!

  • Chuck G June 11, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    I do flash drive repairs quite often. And considering offering direct nand recoveries. Haven't yet due to cost. And most clients around here don't seem to want to pay much to start with. Any recommendations on what services or tools to look into? I've checked a few out here and there, but curious about your opinion. Thanks for the recent vids, good to see some new content.

  • Hy D June 11, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Great video!

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    Thanks for all the content. I really enjoy watching what you do; because I find it so fascinating and have no such skills myself. I do however have a lot of tech knowledge, and really like watching experts like yourself & the likes of Lewis Rossmann do what you do. KEEP IT UP!!!

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    Unlike the Terminator, this Lexar won’t be back!

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    Have you considered doing formal training via a site like Udemy? I would totally pay for that kind of training video.

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    bonding experience, haha love it, thanks for the uploads as usual brother! P.S. can't wait to see the new vid and check out that haircut!

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