The Right Enterprise Backup Can Save Your Company

December 9, 2018

Eldar Guardians

One should use a backup solution to eliminate duplicate data from the company servers, which makes up for 80% of the entire data of the company. Finding a way to cut the amount of data being backed up without losing any data means real cost savings for a company.

One of the prime benefits you would get by using an enterprise backup solution is that you can ensure any redundant data is completely thrown out off your servers. Any instance of duplicate data found on your servers should be enough to send warning signals to you that it is time you take action and use an enterprise backup solution to fix the problem at hand.

With good laptop backup software applications, you can be sure of one thing – These applications work efficiently and quickly, much in contrast to the traditional backup methods. Here is an example – Assume you would want to save a copy of a 20 KB word document on your server that has about 100 instances of it. By using conventional methods, you will backup all the 100 instances of the document on to the server. The result – About 2 MB of your server space is used to store the same 20k file!

With the use of deduplication technology used by good backup applications, the prospect of having multiple copies of the same data on your servers, is eliminated. With deduplication technology working to ensure multiple instances of the same data is not being saved on the server, a lot of your bandwidth is saved, which can be used for other constructive purposes.

Not too long ago from now, enterprise backup solutions were expensive products, but all that is changing now. A lot of new enterprise backup solutions have come into the foray now, the insync client of Druvaa is included here. These enterprise backup solutions are known to work well, so you should ideally get going trying to understand the features of the applications.

If you wished to save server space and bandwidth while backing up data, you should be using enterprise backup solutions. With enterprise backup solutions, you get two tangible benefits – 1) These solutions work ten times faster than conventional backup methods, and 2) These solutions allow you to back up data even when you are mobile, thus reinforcing your company’s interests at all times.


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