The Establishment of a Structure

July 12, 2018

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My examination of those old notes, revealed some information about the Recovery Center that I had mentioned in an earlier article. According to my notes, here is what the original plans were for the present Recovery Center It was going to be called an Urgent Care Center. It was meant to reduce the caseload of mental patients being seen in the emergency room at Brotman Hospital.

Now it so happens that there is a commercial enterprise in Culver City, a for profit institution with the name “Urgent Care Center.” That Center happens to be located just six to seven blocks from the site of the new Recovery Center. Obviously, the groups sponsoring the Recovery Center did not want to compete with a nearby Urgent Care Center. That explains the changes made to the Center’s name.

This name conflict was only one of the obstacles encountered by those who sought to establish the Recovery Center. As I mentioned earlier, a number of local residents said “not in my backyard,” when asked to approve establishment of the Recovery Center. The more vocal members of our interfaith group helped to persuade City leaders that the City would benefit from establishment of a Care Center for any mentally unstable residents, especially residents who had taken to the streets.

Now, that was not the only time when members of our interfaith group sought to make their voices heard. They had also spoken out about plans for a different sort of building, a building on the edge of Culver City. That was a proposed club, a club for adult entertainment.

I can not say that our group played a deciding role in the decision about that club. I think that fears about traffic congestion forced the City to rule against granting permission for that club. That was not the first time that I had seen the City put an end to plans for a proposed structure. The same thing had happened when one developer wanted to tear down an entire row or businesses along a busy Culver City street.


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