Significance of Asset Recovery Services in Business

April 10, 2018


A recent research shows that many companies tend to overlook the mammoth opportunity that lies behind effective management of idle IT assets. It is found that only forward-thinking entrepreneurs can actually extract revenues from the tools that are otherwise declared junk and are piled up in a warehouse. Innumerable profitable e-waste companies have cropped up in the recent past that offer state-of-art e-waste management solutions. Again, it is always advisable for businesses to appoint contractors with hands-on experience in dealing with end-of-life computers and telecommunication products.

A professional asset recovery contractor would always follow step by step procedures while handling end-of-life equipment. In general, eco-friendly disposal of IT tools and efficient implementation of asset recovery process include the following step –

  • Tracking and managing piled up assets
  • Differentiating between reusable and non-reusable of assets
  • Assessing the actual value before reselling them
  • Effective redeployment or reselling of the end-of-life stock
  • Systematic compilation of all these in an official report

Management of surplus equipment is considered an inevitable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which adds to the goodwill of a company. Many entrepreneurs today opt for donating their usable surplus assets to charitable organizations. Thus, for maximum Return on Investments (ROI), many customised e-waste solutions are offered by experts on this subject. Locating resalable assets and IT property can turn extremely time-consuming. Thus, it is always a prudent move for small, medium and even large enterprises to appoint an external industrial recovery team for optimum utilization of their resources. The good thing is, many contractors also offer solutions purely on a commission basis. They charge their customers only when they have sold, donated or disposed of the product in an environment friendly manner.

Many recovery contractors themselves buy IT products which have not reached the end-of-life and are still usable. An increasing number of contractors are readily buying office IT tools including Core 2 or higher computers, laptops, flat panel monitors, new toner cartridges, network equipment and various telephone systems. IT equipment in good, operational conditions are generally disposed of when a company is shifting, moving or downsizing its office. However, it is on part of the entrepreneurs to properly evaluate their asset’s value before reselling or coming to an agreement. IT recycling professionals also offer free pickup of assets and assure secure removal of data while abiding by the DOD techniques. It is said that corporates should specifically focus on protecting sensitive information by keeping in mind the possibilities of infringing software licensing policies. Finally, an official asset recovery service is not declared finished until a certified audit report on data destruction and refurbishment is documented and signed upon by both the parties.


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