Sexual Abuse Of Youth Within The Church – Steps Toward Recovery

May 1, 2018


I can tell you from many discussions with people young and old that sexual abuse in the church is more common than mentioned. According to the Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study, 93% of admitted Child Molester claimed to be religious (Abel, GG, & Harlow, N (2001). the number of those claiming religion is extremely high. Many people claim to know what the bible says about sexual sin. However, when a sexual sin is broken by the one who preaches it; the media uses it as an avenue to find fault within the religious community. Satan uses this to destroy people's faith in God.

The goals of this article are to:

1. Show youth and adults how to heal and overcome sexual abuse within the church.

2. Equip parents and adults in the Christian faith on how to minister to those who have been sexually abused in the church.

Once these goals are completed within this article, Satan can no longer have victory over the victims life. We know that sexual abuse among young people in the church is only a spirit that has been released in the earth in order to hinder the body of Christ at large. However, through prayer, trust in God, and trust in his word we can not lose.

Sexual Abuse among children has always been an issue in society; however, it has become an increasing problem that has caused much physical, mental and emotional damage. Because of the increase of sexual abuse among young people, more and more people are finding ways to help youth who have been sexually abused.

Sexual Abuse among the youth does not care about age, race, religion, or financial status. It is one of the tools Satan uses in order to try to destroy our youth. Psalms 8: 2 says, "Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble." (The Message Version) Satan uses sexual abuse among young in and outside the church in order to sow seeds that would destroy their destiny. He wants to silence the mouth of our youth forever. However, if one will trust in God, his purposes will always prevail!

Sexual immorality is an ever increasing issue not only in the world but in the church as well. Because of this increasing issue, sexual immorality has now even spilled over and is affecting the children in the body of Christ. We as members of the body of Christ have the responsibility to allow God to use us in becoming a solution to the ever growing problem through prayer and support.

Today, many churches try to keep sexual immorality hidden inside the house of God. We must recognize that God absolutely sees everything. He will bring to light those things that have been practiced in darkness. Fornication, adultery, homosexuality and molestation exist in many churches across the world. The body of Christ has a responsibility to make sure that none of these sins be named among us. The places where the body of Christ goes to worship should represent God's presence and his holiness.

If there is a deep hurt within your heart and you do not know how to let it go, then I'm here to tell you that God is a deliverer right now! Have you been sexually abused in the church by someone you trusted and it has led you down a road of promiscuity? Maybe you have been sexually abused by someone outside the church that you trusted. If so, then I want to pray this prayer with you because God is real and he is a deliverer! I know him to be a deliverer from my own experiences. God has brought me through the hurt, the pain, the rejection, the disappointment and has set me free. Now it is your turn to be free!

True healing from any hurt has come from God's word. Hebrews 4:12 says "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. " God loves us enough to search deep within our inner being to bring healing.

We have the option to go to counseling and to talk to others. However, until we choose to let go and allow the word of God to penetrate deep within our spirits, we will never experience true healing through God's word. Trusting in God's word to heal us is a choice. God's word is here to heal us and deliver us from the hurt of abuse. But until we open our hearts to receive the deliverance, healing for us will remain dormant. We must realize that if we choose not to receive the deliverance of God's word in our heart, it still does not make God's word of none effect. God's word will always have power to deliver us wherever we choose to let it or not. Some people would rather stay in past hurts. They will allow others to enable their hurt instead of receiving their healing. Those who truly want to be set free will seek God's word for deliverance. We are a creature of choice. God will not force his deliverance upon us. We have to make the decision to receive his healing.

God also sends others to help those through the sexual abuse. At many stages in life, God sends and ordains anointed mentors in order to take you from one stage in life to another. Having an anointed mentor plays an important part when it comes to complete healing and deliverance from the scars of abuse in the church.

There are several things to remember concerning youth who have been sexually abused. It is important to understand that sometimes children are afraid to tell others due to guilt and fear. Parents and youth leaders have to know how to communicate with your child. Do not overreact if a child discloses the abuse. Pastors ask for references when getting youth volunteers and prayerfully chosen God fearing leaders. Finally, train staff on how to work with youth.

In closing, understand that the abuser is almost always a person who has been abused himself. So, if you are an abuser, the first thing to do is to forgive yourself. You then need to release those who have booked you and this can be done through counseling. Get Help. It is never too late to start!


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  • karen Rojas May 1, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Bless this teen! He really seems to want to get sober and change his life around and go onto the path that he’s meant to be on. He seems so humble and open minded to these kids and telling them to stay or stray away from the warning and signs. He’s so kind and I really want to help him out in any way possible. If anyone or he reads the comments himself, please let me know his social or something so I can really see if there’s anything I can do. I really hope he’s able to recover and have the best life he’s meant to have!

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