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May 2, 2018

Recovery show

As we sort through our past days, months, years, most of us see where we’ve been hurt, where we’ve failed and flailed against a seemingly invisible enemy who takes on different faces and circumstances to defeat us. Oh, there’s a glimpse of greatness every now and then, when we held back those dark forces and found that hero in us, but even those achievements, when viewed honestly, were riddled with imperfection. We have such noble and grand dreams and plans for tomorrow but, how do we break through the defeat of our past to make tomorrow the bright place we desire? The goal seems too high to ever be met. This article will reveal the answer, the one key to recovery from the past and achievement for the future…today.

Past Failure And Abuse: All of us have been abused in some way, by ourselves or others. Some have horrific stories of long-term abuse by a parent or sibling. Others have abused themselves, with drugs, crime and other destructive behaviors. Most of us come to a point in our lives when we realize, after years of fits and starts, we’ve failed at achieving a fraction of our past hopes and dreams, and this failure becomes a form of abuse. Even those who seem to have been given it all can tell you stories of neglect and rejection by the very ones who should have loved them. Sadly, it’s a rare thing when anyone is able to get beyond their past years of failure, abuse, rejection and self-doubt to move on to a successful, satisfying, fulfilling life. Sadder, yet, is that this fulfillment is possible for all of us if we just use the power of today.

Plans Or Pipe Dreams: Most of us have grand dreams of what we want in our lives tomorrow. There are some, who’s past is so painful they don’t dare dream of a better future…that’s one definition of depression. For the rest of us, though, tomorrow is a rosy place with the best of everything, money, friends and family, health, success…however you define it. Our problem starts when we try to see the “us” of the past as the “us” of the future. Then, all that history rears itself up as a great wall of fear, causing most of us to spend our days dreaming of things we never intend to accomplish. We dream and plan and dream and plan. When we see the first hurdle, we shrink back to our comfortable existence and begin to dream and plan of something else, never even really trying to accomplish those dreams. How sad! That’s how I spent the first 35 years of my life. Then, I learned a powerful ancient secret that changed my life, a way to recover from all the past hurts and move forward into that bright future of our dreams…today.

The Power Of Today: About 2,000 years ago, a wise man man named Saul Of Tarsus said, “Now is the day of salvation.” He knew we can’t change yesterday and we can’t count on tomorrow. We only have today. Today is the day we can say, “I will live a better life than yesterday.” If you’re suffering from past hurts, put them back where they belong…yesterday, and decide not to suffer today. Find positive, uplifting, productive things to do today. Concentrate on the good things of today and leave yesterday to fend for itself. So, you failed yesterday…don’t fail today by spending it regretting yesterday. However powerless you were yesterday, you have all the power over your life today. Accept the past as it was and move forward. You can choose to continue to fail and hurt or to begin recovery and achievement. Like me, you spent half your life being abused, abusing, half-trying and failing? You have the power, today, to begin the second half with no regrets, free of abuse, achieving your greatest dreams.

Don’t spend today regretting the past and wishing for a better future. Dreaming and planning are a waste of time unless you take action, today. Set out concrete plans for how your dream comes true and take the first tiny steps today. When tomorrow becomes today, take the next steps. Do not allow a day to pass where you made no progress on your dreams. Today is too powerful to be wasted. Dreams are useless and frustrating without action. Today is filled with power if you act. If you don’t act, you have accepted powerlessness.

Start out today, knowing there will be times you fail. Yes, failure and imperfection are part of achievement. Those who waste their lives are those who use failure as an excuse not to try. Beginning today, and every today from now on, use all failures as an opportunity to learn, grow and do better. Do this for enough today’s, and you’ll begin to realize failure brought you your best tools for success. Once you learn the power of today, no failure can keep you from your dreams.

Today Your Dreams Become Reality: It’s now been almost 20 years since I learned the power of today. There have been many setbacks and course changes in that 20 years, but I now have a life I couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago. Some of the things I enjoy today are dreams I had in my early teen years, but gave up on. I won’t share the details because you have your own dreams. Please take my word that those dreams and goals were given to you by a Power beyond yourself. They were given to you so you could achieve greatness, however your dreams define it. That same Power who gave you those dreams will help you achieve them, if you just have faith to use…today.


  • Road Runner May 2, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Erkin what do you do in instances like this. You've replaced it and looks ok, do you supply the replaced HDD back to the end user or just compact the data and allow them to download it?

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    Can you check your email. I sent an email on 10 April 2018.

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    I really enjoy your Videos. Really interesting Devices, those Hard Drives!

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    This hard drive is trying to say something 😀

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    Awesome work buddy

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    Toshiba любят издавать такие звуки ,не редко такое встречается. Отличная работа.

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    You are the man bro! Thanks heaps

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    Toshiba and Seagate keeping you in business as usual I see.

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    Excellent.. ! But why should I follow u on IG
    .. anything new there?

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    Another great video, awesome talking with you on the phone today! -Rick

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    Sometimes i open HD that i replace from datacenter storages and there is no surface! 😀

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    sounds like a dial up 56k modem

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    You have a brave heart.. lol 😀 Great video as always, man 🙂

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