PDF File Recovery From Formatted Hard Drives

September 14, 2018


Data recovery from different file formats involves different procedures. Portable Document Format (PDF) enables users to protect their file modification and thebyy, avoids misinterpretation of data. You can create your PDF file from an existing word document by clicking a few buttons. This article is about restoring your corrupted or damaged PDF.

Restoring a PDF from the Recycle Bin is one way of recovering your data. Some users will need to recover their formatted PDFs. There is a different procedure for extracting data from a deleted, formatted PDF file. As we know, the deleted data is never actually lost. Its address is free for some other data, but the deleted data remains on hard disk at some other location.

Diskgetor recovery tool is useful for extracting deleted data from formatted hard disks. Diskgetor can also extract PDF files from SD cards, memory cards and USB drives. It is a powerful utility tool, which can even recover data that has been washed out from the Recycle Bin. It is a tool used by professionals.

Two ways of recovering PDF document:
• You can recover the formatted partition and then, extract the PDF files from that partition.
• Extract PDF data without recovering partition.

The latter method takes a lot of time, as you have to search for formatted files. Diskgetor can extract your PDF even if it overwrites on it, as it knows how to get the directory tree from the hard disk.

If you are recovering data from external memory, first attach external memory to your computer, so that Diskgetor can use it as a removable disk. Do not format your PDF file and do not try to write on it either. Always check that the memory from which you are going to extract data has not suffered physical damage.


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