Options on How to Open Password Protected PDF Documents

August 7, 2018

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You have just received a PDF file that you were waiting on. You click on it only to realize it is password protected and you hate it when you do not know the password. Only one thing comes to mind – How to open password protected PDF?

In dire situations and desperate conditions, you just to break the password and access the file. In most cases, the employee who created the PDF is no more with the company or organization. Good news is, you can do it and this is how.

There is software or programs available which you can run on your computer which may be able to crack the password depending on the strength of the password. Some creators make easy passwords and the program can identify it. However this may take a few hours as all possible combination of characters have to be attempted.

There is yet another option. There are advanced professional versions which are better in processing time and show better results. What is even interesting is that they are absolutely legal and genuine. The success also depends on whether it's a Owner password or User password that you are trying to unlock.

Most organizations use the password decryption tools that are available. All these are basically Dictionary Search and Brute Force. You can often try a trial version for a start to see if you like it and check if it meets your needs.

Most of this type of software will allow you to save your newly opened file without that annoying password problem.

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