How to Choose A Data Recovery Lab That Won’t Let You Down

August 3, 2018


When choosing a data recovery company to recover your valuable data it is very important that you make the right choice. They need to have a fully focused team of professionals 100% committed to your data requirements and it should certainly not be something they do as a background activity, so don’t be afraid to ask some very pointed questions.

A true data recovery lab will be able to successfully recover data from Servers, Laptop’s, Desktop’s, CD/DVD’s and all other types of storage media, not simply just from a failed hard drive.

They will have both the leading technology and skilled technicians to identify and solve the most challenging recovery situations presented to them, and, as leaders in data solutions they should be able to offer a full gamut of data recovery services including full server and raid data recovery capabilities.

A missing link in data recovery however in many businesses and one that is over looked far too often even by large corporations is data back up.

Why is data back up so Data Backup important for your company and your home PC?

Data back is essential to protect the data held on your servers, laptops, home PC’s and flash media. This type of precaution will firstly give you peace of mind your data is safe and most importantly you will have the ability to restore you data should your media fail.

Although a professional data recovery service will prove very successful with the up to date technology, a small percentage or hard disk drives will always be unrecoverable.

Even if the data can be recovered using data recovery services it will be very expensive and you will be inconvenienced waiting for your data to be recovered.

You may think hard disks are very reliable and you have never had any problems in the past and that is true but most devices are prone to failure at some stage in there working lives.

Equally you can lose your data in many ways such as accidental deletion or malicious damage or virus. Having a continuity plan with a quick response time to get you back on track is paramount in any business.

If your data recovery company is a full service provider then chances are that they will be using the latest technology and can provide you with a fully automated and encrypted service to make life that bit easier and problem free each day.

If you forget your laptop/memory stick you can use your backup facility to access documents from another location and download your data with a push of the button saving you time and money.

Lab facilities

Most professional data recovery will have proper labs facilities not just a back office with a bench. The data recovery lab is often the heart and sole of the operation.

Keeping up to date with technologies and investing in research and development is essential to maintain a high level of performance at all times.

Lab facility should only be open to trained staff only and be the most secure area of the building. The entire lab should be ESD safe (Electrostatic Discharge) and operate a certified ISO class 3 cleanroom ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness.

You will find many data recovery companies are still operating within a class 100 facility that is in reality relatively outdated by today’s stringent standards.

The sole purpose for these cleansed areas is to prevent contamination of the interior of your hard disk drive whilst internal component repair or replacement is being undertaken, and older facilities can still expose your drives to contamination risks that could leave it unrecoverable where they could remain uncontaminated in a cleaner environment.

RAID recovery

Businesses will almost undoubtedly require raid level data recovery or restoration at some point so you need to make sure that your data recovery provider has skilled RAID recovery engineers are specialists in the data recovery industry , and are familiar working with multiple hard disk drives from all types of RAID, NAS, Servers and X-Serve/RAID systems.

This level of service requires the most skilled recovery engineers to diagnose the fault(s) with great knowledge of file systems, hardware and software.

The type of fault recovery offered should also include corruption, damaged RAID configuration, failed controller, software damage, deletion, volumes unable to mount, failed rebuild, unable to boot server and hard disk drive failure.

A top class provider will understand that time is money for most companies, and that is why they will also have the most up to date high speed cloning tools and capacity to recover and restore your valuable data promptly.


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