Hard Disk Partition Recovery Software

March 14, 2018

Hard Drive Reformat Error Report

There are many hard disk partition recovery software that can be used can be used for the recovery of lost data in your hard drive.

Let us start by analyzing different types of recovery software that can be used for the purposes of handling this type of job. Active undelete is one of the software that can be used for hard disk partition recovery.

It really helps in the recovery of data that has been deleted, formatted from the floppy diskettes, hard drive, software and hardware Raid etc.

Active undelete also has the capability of recovering data from removable drives, digital devices, flash disk, memory stick etc. The data recovery software tool has a professional full package that is bootable in the new windows vista and windows 7 operating system.

The other type is called Active Uneraser which is a 32 bit hard disk partition recovery software that has very fast.

It also supports the following file formats such as: FAT 32, NTFS, FAT 16. This software can be operated on a bootable CD or floppy.

On the other hand its installation package is operated from a bootable floppy diskette and ISO bootable CD image. NTFS reader provides or facilitates access to drives that run ms dos to be able to read NTFS.

It also allows you to view files that are on NTFS format which can be transferred from NTFS to Fat or via a network.

Active partition recovery is a hard disk partition recovery tool which assists in recovering deleted partitions and can also be used to backup the master boot record, boot sector, partition table.

It can also be used for restoring master boot records from backup for instance if the viruses attacked the partition structure and is corrupt.

By using the disk viewer, you will be able to view and access HDD sectors.

Z – Delete is a very secure data removal tool which clears up data from your hard drive. It permanently deletes selected folders, files, directories and extension that are on your hard disk, browsing history, cookies etc.

The other type that can perform the same functions is the is the kill disk which can also execute the formatting of hard drives without any shred of possibility of data recovery.


  • Samuel SLR March 14, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Portugués Brasileiro:
    Olá eu sou um consumidor do seagate eu tinha varios dispositivos de memoria como pen drives e o hd externo e acabei formatando o hd externo em vez de o pen drive eu acredito que o hd é excelente mas eu preciso tanto recuperar os arquivos quanto a configuração original do meu hd externo eu acredito que já q a licença do recovery de dados da seagate não é permanente creio que ao menos poderia ser o primeiro dowload gratuito com uso unico ou um numero bem menor de vezes vocês tem um pré registro do usuario antes do dowload então você em teze terião como fazer um registro eficiente de quem tem ou quem deveria ter acesso ao dowload de uso limitado free bem fica a dica o hd externo e ótimo me entregou tudo que foi prometido espero anciosamente pelo revisão de politica do softwear

    Hello, I am a consumer of seagate I had several memory devices like pen drives and the external hd and I ended up formatting the external hd instead of the pen drive I believe the hd is excellent but I need both to recover the files as the original configuration of my external HD I believe that since the data recovery license of seagate is not permanent I believe that at least it could be the first free download with single use or a much smaller number of times you have a pre registration of the user before the dowload then you in teze terião how to make an efficient record of who has or who should have access to the free limited use dowload well the hd is external and great hd handed me everything that was promised i look forward to the review of softwear policy

    Hola, soy un consumidor de Seagate. Tenía varios dispositivos de memoria, como pen drives y el hd externo, y terminé formateando el hd externo en lugar del pen drive. Creo que el hd es excelente, pero necesito ambos para recuperar los archivos como el original. configuración de mi HD externo Creo que dado que la licencia de recuperación de datos de Seagate no es permanente, creo que al menos podría ser la primera descarga gratuita con un solo uso o una cantidad mucho menor de veces que tiene un prerregistro del usuario antes de la Descargue luego usted en Terzeo cómo hacer un registro eficiente de quién tiene o quién debe tener acceso a la descarga gratuita de uso limitado y el HD es externo y gran HD me entregó todo lo que prometí espero la revisión de la política de prendas de vestir

  • المستشار March 14, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    I downloaded a PDF file from the official Microsoft site but the file is a virus hit the Mac and external Hardsk and when you split the Mac returned the Mac to its normal state, but the virus is still present in the external Hardisk when I connect the hard disk in the Mac, the virus goes to Mac, The mouse is working so I can not recover the data from the hard disk via the program
    Recover Your Files User Guide
    Please help urgently and thank you

  • Marcos Ruvalcaba March 14, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Same here. I recently purchased a Seagate slim drive and it crashes my mac, can't recover my data. Now I'm being forced to purchase a recovery software? This will be the last time I purchase a seagate..

  • carbine781 March 14, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    I've been trying to contact you guys with some issues, and I've been put on hold for hours. Is there any other way I can contact you? I'd like to give this product a few more tries before getting it refunded…

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