Facebook Freezes – Why Does Facebook Freeze? And How to Fix It

September 16, 2018


Facebook is a wonderful website that lets us stay connected with our friends. A great majority of users can not live without it. All people want this website to run without any problem. However, It becomes a serious concern when Facebook freezes. We can not use it properly and feel frustrated. Are you wondering what can be the reasons for Facebook freezing and how to fix it?

There are many reasons that account for this kind of freezing. I have mentioned the reasons along with the possible solutions. The suggested solutions are easy to act upon. An average computer user can take these steps and avoid Facebook freezing in his computer.

Small size of RAM makes computer slow. When we use many programs at once, computer gets bogged down. Uploading and viewing pictures or watching videos on Facebook can cause your browser to freeze. This problem can be cured by increasing the size of RAM. An increased RAM size will make sure that enough space is available to run many programs at the same time.

Corrupt Windows Registry causes freezing in computer. With the passage of time, Registry becomes congested and corrupt. Registry is most vital part of the computer system. It stores and use vital information. Cleaned Registry ensures smooth and fast computing. To repair Windows Registry you need to use the best Registry cleaner / System Optimizer software. It will solve this problem.

The most important thing that you can do to optimize your Facebook is to optimize your internet connection. To do so you will need to adjust internet settings. Not all people will be able to do this task manually. So it is recommended you use a system utilities software that provides the feature of internet optimizer.

One way to optimize browsing on your PC is to remove unwanted add-ons / extensions from your browser. Most of the time it is the slow browser that loads web pages slower than what is expected. To remove add-on / extensions from your browser simply go into the settings area of ​​the browser and disable the ones which are of least importance to you. This will remarkably increase browser performance ..

It is also recommended to clean system junk and browsers junk. You can do this through the system utilities software. Do not forget to run antivirus scan to make it sure that viruses are not the culprit behind slow internet and slow Facebook speed.

Re-download Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRP program files can be corrupt and cause issues with Java Scripts. Click Start | Control Panel | Programs Uninstall a Program. Click "Java Runtime Environment" and click "Uninstall" button. Follow the wizard and uninstall it. Visit the official website of Java, download setup and reinstall the program.

Check-out the list of Facebook applications to fix Facebook freezing. You may have authorized a number of Facebook applications. Click the Downward Arrow on the top-right side of the screen. Under left side panel, click Apps. Delete each Facebook application you do not require.


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