Document Scanning Services for Growing Companies

January 11, 2019

The Orb.

Many businesses are modernizing data management with digital archiving solutions. Implementation is challenging but document scanning services and cloud solutions simplify this. There are dozens of reasons why traditional information management can not work in today's business environment.

Managing costs is a major reason why businesses are shifting to digital archiving. Medium to large businesses used to spend significant amounts of money just to maintain records. Printing stations, ink refills and the cost of paper can add up especially for enterprises with thousands of employees. Computers & scanners alone had an incredible impact on cost cutting.

The Internet alone added to cost cutting for organizations that knew how to use it. After documents were scanned, they could be stored on company networks. This eliminates the need for office space and storage.

Believe it or not, keeping papers cost businesses thousands of dollars. While small firms can manage with a filing cabinet, medium to large companies could not. They had to either pay for more office space or rent out warehouse space. Some enterprises even had their own warehouses. Each of these document storage methods had its pros and cons.

Medium to large companies also had to hire a document archiver. Imagine having to pay someone just to store and retrieve papers! Now picture enterprises having to manage a warehouse with racks and even industrial equipment to lift and retrieve boxes. It is difficult to run a business without a computer and scanner today.

When companies decide to modernize, they usually have to get document shredding services. Many companies have boxes and boxes of papers that need to be securely eliminated. Today, integrated solutions are available that put together document scanning services with archiving, programming and paper recycling.

Another major advantage of digitizing documents is efficiency. It is easier to retrieve a document on a company network or on the cloud. Today's competitive landscape has many time sensitive tasks, which is why digitizing is becoming standard. Some government offices even accept digitized contracts as the equivalent of a physically signed black and white document.

A growing company needs to be organized. Digitizing can create a more unified system where everyone follows a standard format. Templates can be designed to simply be filled in. It eliminates confusion and creates more familiarity with company processes. Formal office procedures when planned properly dramatically increases efficiency.

Scanning and archiving on the web also makes transferring offices easier. The transfer of data is more streamlined, since they can be accessed on the net. Some records are in different media such as videos and maps. Today's trend is to store records on the cloud.

There are software solutions on the cloud that give businesses the edge. For example a human resource cloud software can be accessed by applicants on the Internet. Applicants see a standard interface with similar fields such as work experience, education, etc. Records are stored on the web (or with the company) and follow a unified format. The software is not purchased – so there is little initial investment.

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