Disaster Recovery Needs Contingency Planning

April 5, 2018


Disaster Recovery is an unsatisfactory exercise if it is organized after a disaster. Just a lot of advance planning and preparation can ensure that the company resume operations quickly after a major disaster.

What is disaster recovery?

The term “disaster recovery” is often used these days in the context of Information Technology. When you talk about a disaster in a business context, usually means the loss of records, data, hardware and software so that the trade have become serious or even impossible. Most commercial operations are so heavily dependent on information technology than without it, the operations can grind to a halt.

Disaster recovery is the process of obtaining the business operations of an operation after he was arrested because of a major information systems failure. The disaster may be the result of a natural disaster or a human action that had disastrous consequences.

How the Disaster Recovery Plan?

Identifying key company data and regular backups is a key element in planning for disaster recovery. Storing backup data in a different location makes it possible to recover data when a natural disaster destroys the equipment in the primary location.

However, it can still be corrupted data on the system (s) that was not backed up, and this must be quantified and a decision whether or not re-enter data manually or to try to recover as much relevant data as possible from the affected system.

The different location for the backup can be a sure third-party Web resources. The address can also be a backup to storage area networks in different locations to ensure the data is doubly protected.

You must regularly test the backup data is recoverable. Backup data can become irrecoverable for several reasons, including malpractice backup. The backup procedures should be subject to regular audit.

To minimize the chances of data loss is another important element of planning for disaster recovery. This is done through such precautions as:

* Ensure quality and continuity of energy supply through the use of protectors and UPS / backup generators

* Organize quick fire detection and user-friendly sprinkler installations

* Use antivirus and firewall software to prevent intrusions by malicious external entities

* Make the staff aware of the serious consequences of data loss and training in the precautions to be

The last element in the disaster recovery plan covers only that, disaster recovery. This plan lists the steps to be taken in the event of a disaster does not strike. For example:

* Inform staff about the problem and assigning them specific business and data recovery-related tasks

* Inform customers about the likely impact of the events and to indicate when to expect the resumption of operations

* Organize to restore data from backups, wherever they are

With the above type of planning, you will be prepared to recover quickly even after a major disaster.


In the current context, the disaster recovery typically recover half of information technology-related disasters, such as loss of data, files, hardware and software. Modern business is so heavily dependent on support that can come to a stop if the support is lost.

Disaster recovery must be planned far in advance. Backups off-site, measures to prevent data loss and specific action plans if a disaster strikes is an important element of a disaster recovery plan, but also prepared in accordance with the contract and rebuild a hard drive data recovery specialist is advised


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