Data Recovery Do’s and Dont’s

May 11, 2018

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Here I have tried to provide out some Do’s and Don’ts which must be followed when computer failure occurs. Caution should also be taken while dealing with hard drive failure or other type of computer problems. Never ever try to react in a panic as this will only cause or make the problem even worse.


1. Always make it in a habit to backup your data frequently.

2. If you hear any awkward sound or smell any thing then always shut down your system and gives it a rest. Never try to keep working and making the situation even worse.

3. While repairing or opening your cabinet always try to discharge you body with any static charge stored on your body. Always ground yourself before having to open the cabinet.

4. Always try to install an extra fan so as to make the proper flow of air so as to make it free from excessive heating.


1. Never try to think that the data recovery solution will recover almost whole of your data. And you use our system in the worst conditions. Everything is having limitations and this also has the same.

2. Never ever try to recover your data with commonly available software or freeware as this will make the recovery even more badly. Always go for the reliable source of data recovery solution.

3. Do not subject the drive to extreme temperatures changes both hot and cold. As both this temperature in extreme case will harm you data stored on the Hard Drive.

4. Never try to remove the protective covering of the Hard Drive in order to repair the disk. Always consult for the proper Technician to do so.

The above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts are the most basic things which definitely must be taken into account so as to have the efficient recovery of the data. The Hard Drive of your system is he very important part as it stores most of your valuable data both offline and online so the above mentioned must be followed so as to make yourself free from any situation of data loss or disk crash up.

You should take a look here The Laptop Support Community if you need more information about laptop and data recovery.


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    Does this reset forget your apple id

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    Does this method work for iPhone 7at&t

  • purple unicorn May 11, 2018 at 4:01 am

    Can you switch you carrier by just switching the sim card by doing this??

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    My iphone x says it will take 12 hour to unlock it not working at all

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    Do you have to have an iTunes account

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    best solution ever been trying diffirent videos for over an hour it finally worked thank you🙉

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    Found a phone on the ground, but don’t know the password or iCloud, how to I unlock the phone

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    this helped so much more than Apple Chat Support. Thank you!

  • Pawan Brar May 11, 2018 at 4:01 am

    i am not able to unlock my iphone x with this method. please help me.

  • Erik Horne May 11, 2018 at 4:01 am

    what would the solution be if your iTunes doesnt register the phone? Im having all the same issues except when I plug my phone into the laptop nothing at all pops up?

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    3 hours later from doing the same thing and failing from video to video. I found I had a third party power cord. I used the iPhone power cord. Your video and the right power cord work for me. Thanks.

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    Nice video ! 😀

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    not working

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    I'm using my sisters mac laptop and it doesn't wanna download my iPhones software so I'm still locked out i need helppppp!!!!!

  • Herman Kusen May 11, 2018 at 4:01 am

    I tried your method trying to disable my iPhone X passcode and to restore the iPhone to its original factory settings but it doesn’t work. It says the iPhone X can’t be restored due to error code 3. What is that and what else can I do?

  • Qaiser khan May 11, 2018 at 4:01 am

    I hv iphone x, but facetime is not there, if i restore my iphone through itune, will it enable my facetime??

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    Thank you very very much. Have now spent 3 hours to find a propper "Hard Reset" Factory reset for an iphone x.
    All the other movies/articles I have found, just show me soft reset and force restart. Seems to me people dont understand the meaning of "Hard Reset" ! That means restore phone. Not restart. Since the dawn of day, hard reset is hard reset!

    Again! Thanx bro! Saved my day <3

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