Backup To DVD: 8 Reasons Why

July 14, 2018

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A backup to DVD gives you advantages that no other backup method can match. Here are 8 advantages you have when doing a backup to DVD:

  1. Low initial cost – These days, DVD writers are often bundled with new computers. Even if your computer does not have one built-in, you can get one for about $ 40. Not only that, but the drive can be used to make DVDs of your home movies, burn CDs with your music selections, or just to copy data. If you have a DVD writer for any of these reasons, the backup function is a free extra .
  2. Blank DVDs are cheap – Blank DVDs cost only cents per disk . There is no other medium that gives you the same cost benefit. If you plan on doing a regular backup to DVD, I recommend that you start out by buying a spindle of blank DVDs.
  3. Backup history – As you backup files to DVD, you build up a history of how the files have changed . This can really help you if you have accidently overwritten any files, or changed something three weeks ago to a document and need to see what the file looked like before the change.
  4. Multiple copies – If you backup to DVD R and store those disks, you have multiple copies of your data. If anything happens to some of your disks, you can still restore the information from the ones that are OK.
  5. Offsite backups – If you backup to DVD, you can take the disks to another location to keep them safe. This protects them against the theft or a natural disaster at the location where your original data is. Using a USB hard drive can not protect you against a flood or theft.
  6. Robustness – A DVD disk is just a piece of plastic. Even if you drop it, accidently spill coffee on it or just let it lie around, it will probably still work. This makes DVD disks very safe to use as backup media.
  7. Easy, compact storage – Suppose you do a backup every week, using one DVD per backup. If you store your DVD backup disks on a spindle, a whole year's worth of backups will fit on a single 50-disk spindle.
  8. Easy backups – If all your files fit on one DVD, it's simple and fast to just copy the files to the DVD, using the DVD writing program that came with the drive.


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