Anxiety Self Help Groups – The Power and Effectiveness of Group Recovery!

May 4, 2018


Joining some self help groups are the best way to build up self-esteem and benefit from group learning that could greatly accelerate your recovery process. Do not ignore the powerful of group discussion and treatments …

It's time that you ask the experts

If you are suffering from mild anxiety attacks, then you are lucky enough that you can still manage to think and live a normal life. But for people who are already enduring severe anxiety attacks, or worse, panic anxiety attacks, thought processing and normal functioning is greatly affected. Thus, the person must confer with anxiety self help groups at once.

Anxiety, on its mild form, can still be beneficial. But as it progresses to a more complicated stage, the person will experience negative alterations on the way he thinks and in making decisions and judgment. In some cases, the person's social interaction processes is disturbed, and his activities of daily living decreed.

It is not easy to manage alone the grave forms of anxieties, such as panic anxiety attacks and general anxiety disorders. The person suffering from it needs social support from those who can understand these health conditions well, and those who can plan a comprehensive treatment to manage the problem and prevent other complications to arise.

There are thousands of anxieties of self help groups available in the world. In the United States alone, there are hundreds of dedicated groups that provide a variety of treatment modalities to manage anxiety. Some of these include the following:

– NJ Self-help Group Clearinghouse (New Jersey)
– New Jersey Affiliate of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (New Jersey)
– Anxiety and Phobia Peer Support Email Group (New Jersey)
– Anxiety Alleviation Group (New York)
– Acting-Drama Therapy Workshop (New York)
– Attacking worry, anxiety, OCD and Depression (California)
– Anxiety Support Group (California)
– People Helping Others Become Independent Again – PHOBIA (New Jersey)
– Anxiety and Panic Disorder Support Group (California)
– Recovery International (Michigan)
– Agoraphobics in Motion – AIM (Michigan)
– Panic and Anxiety Support Group (Pennsylvania)
– Pittsburgh Social Anxiety Support Group (Pennsylvania)
– Panic-Anxiety-Agoraphobics Support Group (Florida)

These anxiety self help groups are being facilitated by experts and professional health care providers. There are different activities in store for those who will submit themselves in these groups; Some of these include behavior modification therapy, health education, individual counseling programs, play therapy, psychodrama, music therapy, and group therapy with other clients. Other groups would even include in their program alternative therapies such as massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, and imagery.

These support groups have formulated specific and realistic goals, and these goals are directed towards the client for the relief of his or her condition. The achievement of these goals, however, is not only the sole responsibility of the people behind the anxiety self help groups. The clients should understand that the success of the therapy also depends on the level of their participation.
One of the chief goals that most support groups have for their clients is enhancing behavior change. This is a specific goal that would greatly reduce the extremes in anxiety levels. In this goal, the activities included are the following:

– Assessment of confidence, importance and readiness for change
– Assisting client to increase awareness behavior.
– Continuous positive reinforcement of desired behavior
– Informing client for a new self-image.

However, anxiety self help groups are not the ends of anxiety eradication. The person should still consult psychiatrists to plan systematically the management to control both the psychological and physical symptoms thought about by this condition.


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