Addiction: An Addict's Tale of Recovery

May 5, 2018

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My name is Jay and I'm an addict. Drugs controlled my life for many years. They took me to places of darkness and lonliness.

Addiction is a disease. It is terminal and incurable. We find ourselves in places where we see no escape. Our addiction takes away our soul, our morals, and our sense of being.

Although we will remain addicts for the rest of our lives, once we admit we have a problem and accept that our lives are out of control, we can begin to treat our disease. For an addict, the thought of living the rest of their life without ever using drugs again is too overwhelming for them to fathom.
We've been using for so long, hiding and running from ourselves and our fears.

It usually is not to an addict has hit rock bottom before they will admit that they have a problem. The thing about being an addict is that your always the last one to find out. Your family and friends have known this for years, but denial is just another weapon your disease uses to keep you sick.

What does it take for a person to admit they have a problem, and just as important, what does it take for an addict to seek help? When we find we can not exist like this any longer, we become willing to do whatever it takes to change. We can not take the pain any more. It is at this that our miracles begin to materialize in our lives. When we speak those magic words, "I surrender", we are now turning our will over to a power greater than ourselves. We will soon know a new freedom.

Yes, we are still addicts, but we are recovering addicts. We do not focus on staying clean for the rest of our lives; we work on staying clean Just for Today. My gratitude speaks when I care, and when I share with others that there is another way.

There is a wonderful life waiting for us when we find recovery.

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